'Let your heart be stirred.'
'Let your heart be stirred.'

ARTShift Workshops & Courses

As a Complementary Therapist and an Artist I recognise more and more the benefits of creativity in our lives.

Painting, is a relaxing activity which tends to free up our mind from our everyday.

Painting can Shift the focus and open up the sacred space where ideas and clarity are born.

I experience painting as a means of connection to the unseen, which allows guidence and direction to be unveiled. From this space we are given information which helps define and achieve our goals.

It is cleansing, rejuvenating and a lot of fun! With easy painting exercises woven into moments of stillness, a relaxing and intuitive experience is achieved. You get to be creative without limits, you get to enjoy paint and discover your talent and style, and you reawaken and connect with a place deep within.

Come along and explore creativity as part of this Workshop and/or Online course. Immerse yourself in a deeper journey, connecting to your higher self through magical moments of play. This is TRANSFORMATIONAL soul work.

As you open to your creative expression you develop the connection and deepen your journey. This journey encourages you to greet and communicate with your wild and beautiful soul. This has been designed for individuals and groups to help facilitate an improved experience of life by reconnecting you to your personal truth using painting as a tool for self-exploration.


No Art experience necessary. If you are interested in using Art in this way, contact me!

Would you like me to host a workshop for your group or book a 1-1 session with me?

A place to discover your talent, meet lovely people, have a lot of fun & create a masterpiece!


‘I am so glad that I took part in ARTShift. It gave me the opportunity to explore my creative side and paint just for fun, which is something that I always wanted to do as an adult. Working with Karen was great fun. Her encouragement, support and enthusiasm made me feel excited about sending her my work each week…..ARTShift: loved it, loved it, loved it!’


'The ARTShift workshop was held in a charming venue, and the varied materials Karen provided were of the highest quality. I hadn't painted for 40 years but during the workshop, with Karen's guided meditations, support and insights something really did shift for me. I found myself painting confidently and with enjoyment, and the three pieces of artwork I produced gave me profound insights into who I am and where and what direction I need to take in my life. Thoroughly recommended’


'Really got in the zone could have carried on longer if time permitted. Great workshop. Never knew I could be so creative. Lovely way to relax, thoroughly recommend the workshop.'




location: London, England





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