'Let your heart be stirred.'
'Let your heart be stirred.'

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Queen's Wood Cafe - queenswoodcafe.co.uk

Holistic Health Hackney - www.holistichealthackney.co.uk

Barefoot Doctor - www.barefootdoctorglobal.com

Alison Rees Oliviere - www.hatpinalley.com

Clive Wasson - www.clive.ie

Brian Kavanagh - www.briankavanagh.com

Liz Kavanagh - www.soulartyoga.com

Sable D’or - www.sabledor.co.uk

St Lukes Community Centre - www.slpt.org.uk

Regional Cultural Centre, Donegal - www.regionalculturalcentre.com

Thank You!

There have been many people who have been an influence in my life and many who encouraged me to follow my dreams. I wish to thank you for the good advice, the support and the interest in my work. You may not realise it but even in the smallest of ways you steer my direction and are a part of everything I do. I give thanks to you all, I am very grateful. x







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