'Let your heart be stirred.'
'Let your heart be stirred.'

Heal Your Life, with Karen.

Price List

Distance Healings

Initial Consultation 60mins -£90

Follow-up session 30mins -   £45

Follow-up session 15mins -    £22.50

In-Person Healings

Initial Consultation 60mins - £100

Follow-up session 30mins -    £55

Follow-up session 15mins -     £27.50

Personalised Art from       -    £100

*subject to changes


I'm a channel for Healing LIGHT Energy & I aim to use it to help improve your life with positive results, clearing energy & healing you & giving top tips!


I'm here to share this LIGHT therapy with you to help you reach your full potential.
Life is stressful, we often feel overwhelmed juggling everything from family, relationships, children & work which can effect us by stagnating our energy, causing irritating symptoms & problems, which if left can become serious issues for us.

You are more than your physical body so give yourself a break with this gentle subtle therapy.This LIGHT-WORK can be transmitted in person or at a distance, and travels over many many miles. Sit back and relax and receive the Healing Energy, then after the session is over, I will make notes on what I found/experienced during the session, I will then email you a comprehensive report of my findings in the hope that it resonates with you.


I help dissolve symptoms & bring guidance channeled just for you to CHANGE & EMPOWER your life, some simple tips given to include in your day will improve your well-being & set you on a new course for happiness and joy. Do yourself a favor and take some time to reconnect to that deeper part of you, experience the gift of Healing, release your tension and reboot your system, mind, body and soul. You are so worth it.

''This is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your GP or Health Professional'.



''I had an amazing healing with Karen yesterday. Even though we were in different countries she was able to accurately pinpoint areas in my life and body that were in need of healing. I could feel various parts of my body lighting up or becoming active. Her findings and analysis afterwards was spot on, even referring to things she couldn't have known. I would highly recommend Karen and would imagine a face-to-face consultation would blow my mind. Thank you so much’
:-)' JT (Ireland)


“I had been suffering from Shingles which were itchy and uncomfortable and my energy levels were very low. During the healing process I felt certain sensations such as tingling and in the days afterwards I felt a lovely sense of peace and calm as the stress evaporated and my symptoms decreased. Even from a distance, Karen was able to tune in and offer insights into my health and well-being.” SF (Ireland)


''My healing experience from Karen was amazing! I felt completely relaxed as I lay down while she worked on me, so relaxed I fell asleep for all of 15 mins but it felt like a whole night! She channeled into emotions I was feeling at the time and since then I've managed to direct myself in a good positive way. She's a very inspirational young woman with a tremendous gift of healing. Thank you once again my friend. :) ' DS (New York)


''She was spot on!!
Karen picked up on both physical and metaphysical health issues. Remarkably sensing colours that I had felt during the twenty minutes, and highlighting cardiac problems I have, and musculo-skeletal concerns.
She picked up on my, as yet, un-met desire to write, and even my late father came through!
Her email response was lengthy, and full, and precise. She was always specific, and very helpful.
I have no hesitation in Karen’s integrity. Her insight is phenomenal.
I don't know how she does it....but she does it!'
MG, (UK)


''It is quite unbelievable how insightful you are!! Both sessions I have had already to help heal some back pain has brought so much more. While undergoing the sessions from quite a distance (<3000 miles) I felt a very warm presence and find the whole process so relaxing and positive and could feel when it ended. My back pain was much improved on both occasions and am very intrigued by the whole process. I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to explain things I didn’t understand. I can’t thank you enough for your help Karen and I look forward to our next session. I will also be referring some of my friends for such an amazing positive experience!!' AB, (New York)

''Karen’s report was astoundingly accurate. She told me things about myself that she would never have known, and made accurate and insightful findings.
She found I spend a lot of time inside my head buzzing with options, information and knowledge.
She saw my conflicts.
She saw ‘protectors’ around me in various forms.
Over the next few days, I felt increasingly more relaxed, quiet within myself and peaceful in mind and body. I felt well, whole and settled in myself, even though I had some major life issues going on around me.
Now a couple of weeks on, I am still feeling well in myself despite the crazy world around me.
I am a GP and work on scientific evidenced based medicine. However, in my 16 years experience, I have come across many phenomena, which cannot be explained by science alone.
I would certainly recommended to anyone thinking of having a healing with Karen to give it a trial. It has brought me excellent results.'



location: London, England





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